BODEGAS MAYADOR has been present in the market with its products since 1939, initially producing and selling Natural Cider under the brand name M. Busto. Later, it expanded its range of products with the incorporation of Sparkling Ciders and Soft Drinks under the brand name MAYADOR, which thanks to their quality soon became a reference drink, not only nationally but in many international markets.


Manuel Busto think of his firm as a family company from the very beginning. After whole life devoted to it, he retired shortly after turning 80 years old. Even so, he never actually detached himself from it (that would have been a tall order), devoting the greater part of his last years to planting apple trees, till he died at the age of 92. Consuelo Busto Alonso, the youngest of his three daughters, who had already joined the company some years before, takes over then, becoming the architect of the new facilities, which opened in 2000, together with the definitive internationalization of the firm.

A born fighter, pioneering women´s role in the Asturian and Spanish entrepreneurial world, even more so in the cider sector, predominantly male- dominated, Consuelo became the first person within the company to travel wide, promoting products and opening new markets. Later, some third generation members of the Busto Alonso family have been joining the company so as to continue with the work Manuel Busto and Consuelo Alonso started off back then, to go on treading along the same successful path which combines tradition and innovation and to keep building the future of this family business through their endeavor.


Manuel Busto Amandi, founded in 1939 a press/ cellar for the production and marketing of natural cider under the brand M. Busto.

After the expansion of its facilities, it added a new range of products to its catalogue, sparkling and refreshing ciders as well as MAYADOR cider vinegar; products that soon became a national reference and allowed it to start its export activity in the 70s. 

On September 16, 2000, this family business constituted today as MANUEL BUSTO AMANDI S. A, starts a new business stage. In a natural area of 40,000 m2, a new cider press was inaugurated whose state-of-the-art facilities allow for the production of a wide variety of products, especially non-alcoholic sparkling wines, which have made it possible to strengthen the company's international presence.

“From the cider the inventor was a humble Mayador”

In 1939, he decided to found M.BUSTO, a cider press for the production and sale of natural  cider, renting several presses in the region (Los Faroles, La Alegría, La Trocha, Riaño, El Cuetu…)

Consuelo, who shared her husband´s entrepreneurial spirit, supported him in that company and soon found themselves needing to grow so as not to be left behind.

In 1941, he decided to found his own cider press on the land of the Azucarera (former sugar) factory, 490 m2, guaranteed by a loan of 25,000 pesetas from the Bank of Asturias. He also invested parto f this loan to buy machinery that allowed bottling a volumen of 15,000 L. of cider every year.

As the business takes roots and grows, the family also becomes bigger with the birth of three daughters, Conchita, Alicia and Consuelo, who study and work surrounded by boxes of cider, turning the press into their playground.

Thorough and demanding, the success of Manuel Busto´s business model was based on quality and hard work. But that was nota ll: he was also intuitive. He had vision, he knew how to make the right decision at the right time, bringing new approaches to solve old problems. He was an adaucious, innovating, visionary businessman.

He was the first to engrave the brand (M.BUSTO – 1959, certified by the Patent and Trademark Office in June 1946) on his cider bottles, produced in the old glass factory in Gijón. He was forty years ahead of a measure that would eventually become compulsory in the sector. He also promoted using 10- bottle boxe, while all other presses preferred the customary 12- bottle box; and he was a pioneer in trading cider vinegar in Spain, which up to then had only been of domestic use. He was also the first to produce sterile apple juice in 1971.

But that is nota ll: he invented a machine to pour cider and registered it on December 4, 1962. Designed to promote drinking cider in other Spanish provinces, it received a lukewarm welcome at first. But time would prove him right: ever since these machines, which are meant to be used individually, entered the market, their sales haven´t ceased to grow, both among clients and bars.


In order to reach new markets and continue its worldwide expansión, a new facility was inaugurated some 14 km from Villaviciosa, in La Rasa: a 40,000 sq.m. factory called BODEGAS MAYADOR, with cider presses, cellars, bottling facilities, and storehouses, where traditional know- how and top- notch technologies are combined.

These new facilities allow respecting our quality objectives, which we inherited from the very origin of our firm, and our products are currently ISO 9001 “quality Management system” compliant, and IFS v5 food safety regulations compliant. Our products are also Kosher KLBD (UK) certified and our non- alcoholic products are HALAL. We are pioneers in the latter within the sector.

The facilities of Bodegas Mayador, allow to maintain a perfect balance between the tradition, in the pressing of the apples and later controlled fermentation of the juice in its cellars, with the most modern and advanced technology in the bottling.

When Manuel Busto Amandi and Consuelo Alonso Cuesta became entrepreneurs in 1939, they hadn´t imagined that one day they would reach such great achievements thanks to their strive and their efforts, their legacy: this firm, this family.

Without a doubt, they would be proud. Because MAYADOR is still what it always was: an Asturian family devoted, body and soul, to making cider. A family who could not imagine doing things other than with determination, humility, and audaciousness, always innovating, seeking quality and service, to be competitive and reach new markets.

75 years after the beginning of this incredible adventure, we look behind us filled with pride. And our goal remains the same: to move forward.

To move forward thanks to your support, our clients and friends.


Ever since its first exports in the 70s, foreign sales haven´t stopped growing.

Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic and the U.S. were some of the first countries to import EL MAYADOR cider. The numerous Asturian immigrants who settled down in the world´s largest cities missed the products of their homeland, especially cider, the soul of a whole community. Unfortunately, cider has a series of particular characteristics that make it difficult to export it. The emergence of sparkling cider was the key to export cider.

In recent years, MANUEL BUSTO AMANDI S.A. has added new products to the traditional ones, designed for the global market.


AMERICA: USA, Canada, Peru, Uruguay, P. Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, C. Rica, Jamaica, Venezuela

EUROPE: Finland, Russia, Lithuania, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Ukraine, Romania, Ireland

AFRICA: Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Libya, I. Mauritius, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Equatorial Guinea, Uganda

ASIA: Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Maldives

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