06 nov
May and Xana products with Halal Guarantee

Do you know our range of products May and Xana? Both of them have Halal Guarantee Certification, making us the only one Asturian Cider manufacturing company with this type of certification.

Both products are made from 100% fruit juice concentrate and have no preservatives or added sugars. 

The Halal Guarantee certifies that an agri-food product has met all the requirements of Islamic Law to be consumed by the population of Muslim origin.

For that reason, the Halal Institute monitors compliance with the following requirements: not to include or contain in the composition of food anything that is considered illegal under Islamic law; food must be prepared, processed, transported or stored using equipment that is exempt from what is illegal under Islamic law; and finally, not to have been in contact with other food that does not meet the above requirements.


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